Join us for an introduction to mindfulness under the wonderful Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon at Bolton Abbey Priory.

This is a chance to discover how mindfulness can help you self-manage stress and anxiety that we all encounter in every day life. All of us are so often in ‘doing mode’, mindfulness teaches us how to come back to ‘being mode’. During the experience you will be introduced to simple mindfulness practices that help us live in the moment and remain centred.

All delivered under the atmospheric ambiance of the suspended, seven metre diameter Luke Jerram moon and the lofty heights of the Bolton Abbey Priory.

Dates: 30th and 31st October 7pm

Delivered by mindfulness teacher Carolyn who was a counsellor with the NHS for more than ten years and has been practicing mindfulness since 2011. Each experience will teach you specific practices and skills that are designed to help you live in the moment, to let go of labels and judgements and to be aware of how our minds (particularly when they wander) can lead to unnecessary thoughts of anxiety, stress and low mood. Each session will incorporate practical activities as well as moments of quiet mediation and focussed breathing.

 Our mindfulness experience includes:

  • Exclusive evening access to Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon at the very special Bolton Abbey Priory
  • Small intimate groups of 10 people
  • A warming glass of hot punch on arrival
  • A hour and a half mindfulness session with Carolyn
  • Loungers & blankets to relax comfortably
  • A delicious mug of hot chocolate to enjoy whilst you reflect on what you’ve learned


£49.00 per person

To book your space, please contact our events team on or on 01756 718155.

‘One of the key aims behind mindfulness is ‘living in the moment’.  This is something most of us would think of as a good idea, but it can be quite elusive and difficult to achieve in reality. Mindfulness helps us to practice skills to find glimpses of what this might feel like.  It also helps us to catch hold of habitual (often negative or unhelpful) thinking patterns and step away from them, making how we think and react in any given moment more of a choice.  It often helps us get more pleasure out of any given moment too.’


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