Introducing Noble Isle

19th January 2020
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As part of our commitment to local provenance and reducing waste, we are welcoming British brand Noble Isle to bathrooms across the Devonshire Hotels and Restaurants Group. Founded in 2011, Noble Isle put provenance at the core of their products, and each collection tells a story of a region within Britain.

In our bedrooms, you will find products from the “Rhubarb Rhubarb!” collection. These originate from the famous Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle, where the plant thrives in winter cold and is coaxed into bud by growers on the Yorkshire moors. Rhubarb is filled with natural antioxidants, vitamin C and calcium, and the product is known for its natural cleansing properties. The extract used in Noble Isle’s rhubarb products comes from E. Oldroyd & Sons, a sixth-generation rhubarb farm in the Yorkshire Triangle; overseen by the ‘high priestess of rhubarb’, Janet Oldroyd.

Perry Pear from the Gloucestershire Orchards is the source of Noble Isle’s “Perry Pear” collection, which our guests can now enjoy. Perry Pear contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants, vitamin C and copper, which help boost hair’s natural defences against free radicals.

In the public areas of our properties, look out for the “Whisky & Water” hand wash and lotions in the gent’s bathroom, sourced in Dufftown, the Scottish Highlands. Rich in barley, the product is a natural skin calmer, with a wealth of proteins and vitamins to promote healthy skin. “Tea Rose” is available in the ladies’, steeped in soothing black tea leaves and known for its protective properties.

Noble Isle work in partnership with Clean Conscious, a charity dedicated to reducing single-use plastic within the hospitality industry. By changing our product containers from sample-size single use to re-fillable containers, we hope to drastically reduce the hotel’s waste without compromising the quality of our toiletries.

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