Everything You Need to Know about Artelium English Wines

25th September 2023
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Calling all wine enthusiasts! Join us on an exploration of our newest partner: Artelium English Wines.

Who are Artelium English Wines?

Nestled in the serene Sussex countryside, Artelium stands as an award-winning, artisanal winery driven by the passion of co-owners Julie Bretland and Mark Collins. This husband and wife duo embarked on their journey in 2021, leaving behind their former careers to pursue their passion for wine. Since its launch, this boutique winery has thrived, amassing a range of accolades at the prestigious WineGB Awards.

Artelium's diverse range of wines is crafted from meticulously pruned and hand-harvested grapes, which are then aged for a minimum of four to five years. This patient aging process infuses their wines with depth and an intricate tapestry of flavours. Beyond their initial offerings, The Curators Cuvée 2014 and the Makers Rosé 2015, Artelium now produces Chardonnay, White Pinot, Pinot Noir, and Rose at their estate.

Where Art Meets Nature and Wine

Artelium’s owners not only share a love for wine but are also deeply passionate about art and nature. As a result, Artelium combines the art of winemaking with creativity, craft and artistry in all its forms. The vineyard collaborates with many diverse artists, hosts exhibitions and showcases a collection of art against the beautiful backdrop of the Sussex countryside.

Since the start of their venture, environmental responsibility has been paramount for Artelium. They proudly signed the WineGB Sustainable Wine Certification in 2020, underlining their unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability in UK wine production.  The vineyards are thoughtfully seeded with wildflowers like red and white clover and camomile, strategically placed between the vines' roots. This not only fosters biodiversity but also enhances soil structure while reducing the need for frequent tractor operations.

To explore more about Artelium’s commitment to sustainability, visit their website: Artelium, Sustainable English Wine.

Discover Artelium in Our Hotels and Inns

We take immense pride in offering a curated selection of Artelium English Wines at all our hotels and inns across Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

Richard Palmer, MD at Devonshire Hotels & Restaurants commented:

“I first came across Artelium as they were selected to make the first batch of Muscat d’Alexandria wine using grapes grown in the conservatories at Chatsworth. When I was looking at new suppliers for the hotels, they were at the forefront of my mind. I was very impressed by their sustainable and ethical processes, but on top of this their wines taste simply amazing.”

We’d recommend the Curators Cuvée, a crisp sparkling wine infused with fresh citrus notes, crafted from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Meunier grapes.

Interested in trying Artelium wines for yourself? Book a table at one of our countryside locations: Devonshire Hotels

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