Devonshire at home – Chocolate Truffles

3rd July 2020
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If you have a sweet tooth these luxurious truffle recipes are for you! Ross Forder, Head Chef at The Devonshire Arms Hotel & Spa, Brasserie Restaurant has shared his Dark Chocolate & Whisky and White Chocolate, Coconut & Elderflower truffle recipes.

You will need for your ' Dark Chocolate & Whiskey Truffles';

180g dark chocolate chopped into small pieces

100g dark chocolate for coating

90g whipping cream

30ml of your favourite whisky

150g cocoa powder for dusting


Heat cream and whisky until just boiled, then remove from the heat and pour over the chocolate to make your ganache. Once the chocolate is melted mix gently until smooth and set in a container overnight. Portion your ganache and roll into 10g balls, this will give around 25 truffles. Pop back into the fridge until hard. Melt the rest of your left over chocolate and using a fork drop the ganache balls into melted chocolate then into your cocao powder and roll until coated!

You will need for your 'White Chocolate, Coconut & Elderflower Truffles' :

180g white chocolate chopped

60ml whipping cream

60g unsalted butter

20ml elderflower cordial

100g white chocolate for dipping

150g desiccated toasted coconut for dusting


Place 180g of white chocolate, the whipping cream, unsalted butter and elderflower cordial into a bowl and melt, gentle mix together until smooth. Once the mixture is nice and silky take off the heat and leave overnight in the fridge to set. Roll your mixture in small balls (should make approx 25) and place back into the fridge to firm. Toast desiccated coconut by lightly spreading on a tray and popping into the oven at 150 degree celsius for 10 minutes or until golden and allow to cool! Melt the rest of your white chocolate and use a fork to dip the balls into your pool of melted chocolate and then toss into the toasted coconut. Now for the taste test ....

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