At The Devonshire Arms Hotel & Spa we are committed to providing excellence in customer service and superior comfort whilst upholding our dedication to help preserve and protect our natural environment and our planet… Luxury without sacrifice to the environment.

Owned by the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, the Devonshire Hotels and Restaurants Group (DHRG) embodies the Cavendish family’s core values. As landowners and custodians of national heritage, sustainability is at the heart of these values, the vision for the business is ‘to benefit our heritage, our people and our shared future’. The business also has a ‘Triple Bottom Line’ policy, therefore, as well as commercial prosperity; social equity and environmental practices are also key. Sustainability values are brought to life via the Triple Bottom Line Steering Committee , chaired by the Duke’s son Lord Burlington, which introduced a 10 Year Plan of 10 goals in 2011, and was updated in 2019.

These revised 10 Year Goals include the long-term aims of an 80% recycling rate in our hotels, as well a reduction in energy consumption by 5% year on year, and a commitment to working towards net-zero emissions over the next 10 years.

At The Devonshire Arms Hotel & Spa, we currently:

Use paper made from sustainable sources.

Use energy-saving light bulbs throughout the hotel wherever possible.

Recycle all glass, paper and plastic.

Use only biodegradable straws in our bars and restaurants and minimise the use of single-use plastic where possible.

No longer use single-use toiletries in guest bedrooms, and instead use refillable containers and products from the environmentally friendly brand, Noble Isle, who share our commitment to local provenance and reducing waste.

Send food waste to anaerobic digestion to create power.

Send as much kitchen waste such as waste fats for environmentally friendly recycling.

Utilise the internet and email as a means to distribute information such as newsletters, brochures and letters.

Use eco-friendly powders and green chemicals to wash all towels in The Devonshire Spa and hotel laundry.

Make use of our very own fruit and vegetable garden and local food suppliers wherever possible, reducing food miles. One of our ongoing goals is to ensure that 50% of supplier spend is from within 30 miles.

All our staff have an environmental induction on joining the hotel to outline the importance and to educate them on the recycling initiative that are in place within their department and as a general throughout the hotel.

Have a Vision and Values Champion who aim to bring sustainability values to life and promote best practices.

We have an environmental committee and conduct meetings every 3 months to drive new ‘green’ ideas

Encourage guests to forget all about their car whilst staying with us. The natural breathtaking beauty of the 30,000 acre Bolton Abbey estate is within walking distance, with over 80 miles of footpaths from the doorstep.

Have complimentary TESLA and universal electric car charging points in our car park for use by guests and patrons.